Loved-up nation: One in 10 of us kiss our partners more than 10 times a day

    Us Brits are known for our stiff upper lips, however when it comes to showing adoration for our loved ones, we break this preconception as almost 1 in 10 of us (9%) find the time to pucker up with our partner more than 10 times a day, according to a poll by non-surgical lip plumping brand Plump It!


When asked how often we indulge in a bit of “PDA” with our significant other, over 40% of Brits revealed they lock lips with their partner up to five times a day, favouring a peck on the lips (62%) over a full-on snogging session (3%).


However, not all of us are so loved up. Some of us have lost that loving feeling as 6% claim they can’t remember the last time they kissed their partner.


In terms of the UK ‘hot-spots’ for kissing, Manchester is the most passionate city with almost a quarter of the city’s inhabitants admitting to kissing their partner more than 10 times in a day and 32% saying they kiss their partner “passionately” most often.


The least passionate city is Cardiff, where 10% said they can’t remember the last time they kissed their partner. The top five most passionate cities, based on how many inhabitants kiss their partner more than 10 times a day, are as follows:


·         Manchester (24%)

·         Glasgow (18%)

·         Southampton (15%)

·         Dublin (14%)

·         Belfast (14%)


The top three types of kiss we most frequently give our partner are as follows:


·         Peck on the lips (62%)

·         Passionate kiss (15%)

·         Kiss on the cheek (12%)


David Patterson, Director of Plump It!, said: “With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is in the air and according to the survey results, many of us aren’t afraid to show it! It looks like Manchester is the city to be in this Valentine’s Day if you’re after a bit of a smooch.”

Plump it! has carried out a competition for the perfect face and lips and the Top 10 candidates will be arriving in Manchester to strut their stuff and show us their killer pouts on a pink catwalk in the fashionable Northern Quarter of the city. The winner will be crowned at the event.

Saturday 13th February 2016, 11am
Edge Street, Northern Quarter M4

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