Top 20 WORST Valentines Gifts Revealed

The big day is coming up & as it turns out; sometimes trying to be creative doesn’t always pan out as you hoped it would! Here are the top 10 WORST Valentines Day Gifts ever:

1. A tin of baked beans


If they weren’t Heinz, end it.


2. A live tarantula


‘You said let’s get a pet together’


3. An ironing board cover

Because even Ironing should be stylish.


4. A plastic sheep


To add to their farm animal collection, I should imagine.


5. A desk tidy


Tidy desk, tidy mind.


6. A car frost cover


It won’t shield you from the frosty reaction you get from this gift.


7. A tyre pump


Won’t stop the romance from going flat.


8. A tea bag


Because you only deserve ONE brew.


9. Bathroom scales


I do hope it wasn’t a hint.


10. A watering can fitting


Sometimes you need to change it up.


11. A screwdriver set


I feel the recipient’s hobbies didn’t fall in line with DIY


12. A wheelbarrow


Will be really handy for transporting your belongings while you’re moving out.


13. A bike pedal


I feel like this gift is missing something?


14. A sausage roll


I hope they didn’t buy this gift early.


15. A pack of cigarettes


And who said romance is dead?


16. A toy snake


I feel this gift would be less weird with context.


17. Shaving foam


Again, I hope this wasn’t a hint.


18. Dead flowers


Probably from last year.


19. A colander


The only thing more draining than opening this gift.


20. A torch


To try to light up your dull Valentines day.

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